Friday, January 13, 2012

Spying couldn’t be easier!

Why keep a check?
With abundance of facilities and communication options available, more and more people are seeking and utilizing spy applications. Whether you are a worried parent, concerned spouse or an anxious employer, a small spy application can resolve all your concerns at once by monitoring each and every cell phone activity of your target. With the help of an undetectable and unique spy application in your target’s cell phone, you can stay updated about their activities from any location. This exclusive technology has worked incredibly well in corporate and personal affairs.

How Different Spy Applications Have Helped the Masses?
We love to trust people, but in most cases, opting for close and authentic monitoring is a need. Typically, the employers have utilized spy applications to assess the employees’ sincerity towards the organizations by monitoring their activities including web browsing history, gtalk or blackberry messenger conversations. At any level in the corporate world, one is ought to ensure that employees aren’t exchanging the organization’s confidential data with their rival companies as it can devastate any business instantly!

Besides, the concerned parents are now at ease as this application has resolved their biggest issues concerning monitoring the activities of their children. More than often, relationships get plagued due to baseless and false assumptions of our better halves; this is where these spy applications perform their job of answering all your assumptions objectively.

So the safety of children, the fear of unfaithful spouses and behavior of employees- all can be monitored by you from anywhere in the world with spy applications!

Owing to the vast variety and diverse features of the spy applications available in the market, people are getting keener on learning about and purchasing the best software. The two most widely used applications that have penetrated into the market include StealthGenie and MobileStealth. Both spy applications are designed primarily to enable users track the cell phone related activities of their targets without them knowing that they are being scrutinized. The key purpose of these applications is not to harm the target but to keep a close check on their actions for your own safety or benefit. StealthGenie and MobileStealth are essentially designed for a common purpose, however, their features may differ to some extent.
MobiStealth has powerful features that enable effective parental control and employee monitoring via constant cell phone tracking. Some of these are:
  • Call Recording
  • Listening to Live Surroundings
  • Tracking Real Time Location
  • Access to Web Browsing History
  • Read all SMS
  • SIM change notification
To ensure the highest standards of security for the user, MobiStealth also offers a “Phone Wipe Feature”, which is quite useful in case the phone gets stolen.

With almost the same features, StealthGenie is 100% undetectable and is loaded with sophisticated features that can help you overcome your anxieties, whether they revolve around your personal or professional life. The advanced features include:

  • Geo Tracking- you can view your target’s real time location via this feature
  • Geo Fencing- you can simply define the boundary on the map that you would want to be notified about in case your target enters it.
  • Redirect SMS- this feature gives you a more acute control over your target’s cell phone as it enables you to send SMS from their cell phone to anyone on their contact list
Make the Right Choice!
Making a choice amongst these two software applications may appear quite tricky to the users, but when compared, StealthGenie is believed to be more secure. Also, owing to its rising popularity amongst the users, it’s perceived to be more technologically advanced and undetectable!

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