Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Android Spy Software unfolds sexting secrets of your spouse

Sexting may be the reason behind your spouse’s coldness towards you. To reckon over the reasons behind cold spousal rapport are painful; it takes courage to face them boldly and counsel them properly. Sexting is not a new phenomenon, no one knows when it actually started, but it might have been prevailing with the advent of SMS messages. Previously, it was considered that it is age restricted and popular among teenagers only. But the latest results have shown that committed couples are more indulged into doing so inside and outside relationship boundaries.

It is comparatively an easier way to send an explicit message over phone to a person sitting far or one who faces difficulty in sexually communicating face to face. Problem starts when a person already in a marital relation uses it for unfair means and uses it for extra marital lust needs. It is virtual foreplay which somehow satisfies a person while visualizing it. Other than teenagers and celebrities lots of people consider it a safe and effective way to communicate their desires via text.
So, in order to catch that evil, one has to have vivid eye on their spouse having an Android operated smartphone. Smartphones are kept by almost 50% of the US population and the software about to be introduced is perfectly functional on all Android smartphones. Spying over an Android spy phone is extremely important with Android spy software, StealthGenie is one such software that works exclusive of complains and inclusive of all the features important in catching hold of a cheater.
People in committed relations consider it totally safe and healthy to be flirty via text message or email. In order to track their mobile phones it is important to install Android Spy software, the software brings out all the roof crossing rumors of your spouse being involved a next door neighbor who they can’t get laid in your presence. The software is unique and works wonderfully over all Android supporting smartphones. It records Call logs with all the histories of time date, they user can listen to any live conversation taking place using Live Call Interception and even tap the call for future needs. Similarly, for SMS messages, the software enables the user to read all the sent and retrieved SMS messages, even those saved in the draft are in user’s reach. This is how, the user can monitor their SMS communications and see whenever there are sexually explicit messages are being interchanged. To add more particularity in SMS services, StealthGenie Android Spy Software allows specifying trigger words, email addresses and contact numbers, that when communicated or found in any textual interaction are highlighted and alerted to the StealthGenie user.
Sexting is a habit which was formerly difficult to monitor but with Android Spy Software it is the easiest flirting action caught by the suspecting spouse. The software enables its user to watch over their spouse’ live location and even show their movements on the Google map of the online interface. Hence, StealthGenie Android Spy Software is a way through which a cheating spouse using sexual messages can be caught red handed.

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