Friday, January 13, 2012

Android Spy Software Subscribers Have No Fear Of Summers Coming To An End

I don’t want my kids’ school to start. You must be thinking what kind of irresponsible parent I may be. But the fact is when I started realizing the fruitfulness of my kids’ to be at home, the summers are nearly over. Flood of emails reminding about various schooling tools, pick up this, and submit that etc crowded my mail box. Sitting on a couch, I believe these months have been wonderful this time. It was all okay, despite the fact, that I was teaching my eldest one driving, other than that, it was all cool.

Now the things are going on the back track, happy days are gone and they are going back to school. The exhausting early morning practices of waking them up, getting dressed, cleaning teeth and rush for school bus… and above all the threat that how will they cope up with this sudden change. Will they be happy or overwhelmed? Especially my eldest one, in teenage they are quiet rebellious kind and aggressive, same as their other peers. They all in the phase of self exploration but believes that they know the whole lot. I have been worried about this as well till I heard about StealthGenie Mobile Spy Software.

It is monitoring software to keep a check on my kids while they are out of site. So, whenever they play anything dangerous, I am fully aware of it and can take action swiftly. This software has solved my parental problem. I can watch over them while sitting at home. They consider themselves independent grown-ups, but in heart know that they need my supervision, guidance and protection on many minor issues. The software can keep me connected to them in the best possible way.

With StealthGenie I will remain abreast with their regular and unusual activities time and then. Persistent updates keep on updating my online web account. The web account that has been provided by this Android Spy Software at the time of subscription will have all the backups of the data and serves as a remote control to run their smartphones remotely. Of course, some days they are mouthy, obnoxious kids, but to be in touch and keep them safe is parent’s responsibility. To fulfill this responsibility, the software provides monitoring over all the calls they make and receive, all the SMS messages exchanged, all the Emails delivered and all the chatting conversations of Blackberry messenger and Google Talk messengers.

In calling features, the software helps the parents by offering a unique feature of Call Live Interception. This feature let the parents listen into any call in progress being a silent listener. Tapping/ recording of any call is possible. Even if you are listening to it in real time, you can simply customize the settings in order to record any call from any trigger number. Trigger numbers are the specified numbers, e.g. you are divorced and your husband/ wife is not allowed to talk to the kids, then you can simply number as trigger and whenever your child receives a call from them you will get instant alerts. Trigger words offered by this android spy software are also intriguing. You can specify any specific number in the web interface and get alerts, e.g. you fear that your junior might be indulging into drugs, then you can simply type ‘drugs’ and get alerts, whenever this word is found in any of their textual (SMS, Email, messenger Chat) conversation.

This is how, the software helps serves the parents, and helps you in bringing them up as an intellectual of strong nerves, healthy and sophisticated livelihood. Now, with StealthGenie Mobile Spy software you no longer have to worry about them going school let them enjoy their high school time with an essence of security and peacefulness.

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