Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clandestinely Catch a Mischievous Elderly Man with StealthGenie Smartphone Mobile Software.

Cheating elderly men, this is quite common and can be witnessed in each part of the world. This is because the older man are on the verge of losing their sexual powers (but their sexual desires are much higher) and besides they know they have to say goodbye to the world now, so in order to seek pleasures, sexual joys and enjoying the rest of the life – they cheat on their aged wives, who have dropped their sexual powers by now and can no longer give their men sexual pleasures they want. This is why cheating elderly men exists more in the society.

It is also witnessed that the elderly men often like to be enveloped with the arms of younger women. This is because the young body attracts the most, as it is more voluptuous, more sexy and ravishing and above all the young ladies can give them more pleasures in bed than the aged ones.
Just put the search about the cheating elderly men, you will be loaded with endless stories and this is because of the fact that aged men are more prone of cheating on their ladies to get the lucrative and fruitful joys from the other women in particular the younger ones.
Thus, women have to be open-eyed and spy their men’s activities. They should not leave putting an eye on their men considering they are older. Since, older are more dangerous than the young. To help them thoroughly, there is an altogether novel application in the market laced with astonishing features to rave about, StealthGenie Cell Phone Spy Software. If you want spying on your spouses (husbands or wives) or on beaus or girlfriends or anyone else, it works colossally. StealthGenie Spy works well with Android and Blackberry Smartphones.
It offers three packages – silver, gold and platinum. StealthGenie mobile spy just requires you to have the access to the target phone for only once to install the URL, rest is done by it. It enables its user to sneak into all the incoming and outgoing calls with details of time and date via ‘Record Call’ feature, it also provides the same services on SMS, with an additional function of ‘Redirect SMS’ allows the user to send SMS to any of the contact mentioned in the Address Book of your oldy’s target phone. It provides accurate movement of the cheat on the map provided on the secure online interface, My Genie. It enables the user to locate all the movements made by the target phone and also alerts whenever the target person enters into a prohibited territory. User can even mark trigger numbers, words and locations, that are meant to alarm the user whenever they are breached or found in any of the SMS or Email. Furthermore, StealthGenie allows its consumer to listen to surroundings up to 15 feet of the target phone, without notifying the accuser even a little.
It is a discern clandestine software, which runs in the phone’s back ground and tracks the target phone. Through the online members’ area, the phone of the target person is remotely controlled by sending commands via Member Area or SMS. The moment you make the subscription, it enables its user the power to lock and wipe out the data from the target phone, hence, it make the StealthGenie user sole controller of the target phone without even touching it.

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