Thursday, June 23, 2011

5 High-flying Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend or Girlfriend

StealthGenie cell phone spy software catches the betrayal and the Machiavellian. It catches your lover if they are lying to you and even your spouse if they are involved in someone else. In the past there was no such thing called cell phone spy software but with advancement in technology this application is another invention which has made life much easier. With the help of StealthGenie cell phone spy software it is incredibly easy to keep a constant check on your lover or your spouse. If you are involved in a serious relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you want to stay well informed of their activities then you need to install StealthGenie cell phone spy software in their cell phones. There is no spying agent who is as reliable and as efficient as this wonderful StealthGenie cell phone spy software is. You can purchase it online and install it in the target phone without letting them have a clue about the application installed in their cell phones. It is available in three different packages for which you can have a look at our website’s pricing section. 

There are many ways by which this application works to get hold of an untruthful lover but the most prominent 5 ways are:

1. Call Tracking 

You can view call logs received and dialed from the target phone. You can tap and intercept a live call by sending a short text to the target phone. You also have the option to record live calls and listen to them later in member’s area. With the help of call tracking you can easily track down all the calls made and received by the target cell phone.

2. SMS/Text Message Tracking

You can easily view message history on the online platform which is accessible through a log in id and password. In member’s area you can view sent and received messages of the target phone and find out if you come across a suspicious message. You can read each and every message as it is sent and received in the target phone. This helps you figure out if your lover is sending I love you texts to someone else. You can even specify words which when used by the target user through the target phone can be informed to you via a small notification alert either through sms or e-mail.

3. Messenger Tracking

You can view messenger history including Blackberry messenger, MSN messenger, GTalk and AIM messenger. You can view all the conversations that your lover makes with the other party. This can wind up enough proves to confront your suspect. All the messenger history of the entire conversations is uploaded online and by accessing the online interface one gets to view each and every conversation as it is.

4. Location tracking

This is another way by which you can grab a cheating suspect. You can view their location history with the help of real tie tracking service. In order to find out the exact location of your suspect you have to send a small sms to the target phone which in return give you the exact location of your target either through SMS or if you have internet access you can view the location in member’s area on Google maps. You can even define boundaries that you don’t want your target to cross and in case they do you get notified. For example if you define a boundary that your suspect shouldn’t cross Thames Park because you doubt that they go there every evening with someone else and in case they go there you will be notified through a short text.

5. Complete phonebook access of target mobile phone

You can also view each and every phone number stored in the cell phone memory. You will eventually find out the name of the person and other contact details of the number at which most of the calls have been made or have been received from the same number.

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