Friday, December 21, 2012

Phoggi BlackBerry Tracking App- Tracking with Simplicity!

Tracking BlackBerry phone can be done for a variety of reasons: you could simply track BlackBerry in case of phone theft or if you are in a habit of forgetting your phone every now and then or you could use it to track the location of a certain BlackBerry phone user. That could be useful particularly when you use bb tracking app to trace your employees.

Installing Phoggi and More:
In order to trace BlackBerry phone for any of the above mentioned reasons; you need to buy subscription of Phoggi first. That is not too much- the annual cost for Phoggi is about $64.99 and it’s nothing as compared to the features it offers. You will then have to fill your personal details and then you get the installation details following them, you can install the app on any BlackBerry phone. Phoggi BlackBerry tracking app has free updates and upgrades on the software and also 24/7 customer support ready to resolve your issues relating to BlackBerry monitoring. After you have installed the Phoggi BlackBerry tracking app on the target phone, you can remotely monitor all data through the online account you’d be assigned. 

Tracking Personal Phone:
You can keep track of your personal phone if you are a forgetful and tend to lose your phone because with Phoggi installed on the phone, you can know where your phone is at the moment and thus can easily retrieve your phone within no time.

Tracking Employees:
Phoggi BlackBerry tracking app is extremely handy when you want to trace your employees. You can monitor them in a variety Phoggi ways which will let you deal within any dishonestly they show. You will know before time if your employees are misusing office resources or leaking your business information to any inappropriate person. 

Phoggi Features:
Phoggi BlackBerry tracking app will let you keep tabs on your employees in stealth mode because you can monitor:
  • Call history
  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • Photos
  • Geo-location
  • Appointments
Make a Wise Call:
So don’t waste time on tracking employees in any other time-consuming and less results-driven ways and switch to the widely accepted means to monitor employees- Phoggi BlackBerry tracking app. And don’t worry because your employees will never know about a tracking app installed on their phones. so keep track of your phone and that of your employees through a secure tracking app.

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