Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Instant Alerts- Solving Problems Instantly!

With many people it’s all about spontaneity: doing everything on the spot with no delays. StealthGenie is like that too; doing everything at the right time in the right way. With instant alerts you can stay in touch with your world and solve any problem instantly!

Obviously, StealthGenie isn’t any omnipotent entity that can solve problem instantly but if you know about a problem in time, you can plan how to resolve it effectively. So even if you’re a parent or employee, instant alerts will buzz you immediately as any problem occurs. 

What Is StealthGenie?
StealthGenie is an advanced cell spy app that lets you spy on your family or employee remotely. After installing it on the target smartphones, you can remotely monitor all data stored on the target phone and your target’s whereabouts within seconds. It is 100% discreet so your employees or children have no way of finding out. You can monitor them with total peace of mind.

Setting Instant Alerts:
You can set instant alerts for SMS so that each time your target sends or receives a text message, you are instantly notified. You can then read the full content of the message through your online account assigned by StealthGenie.
Instant alerts for e-mails prompt you at the very money any e-mail is received or sent from your target phone so you can keep a total check on your kids or employees. You can adjust the settings and specify some numbers you want to be buzzed in case a text message is sent or received from that number.
Instant alerts for trigger words is an exclusive feature form StealthGenie in which you can also specify certain words that might indicate something important. As soon as that word or phrase is used in any SMS, you will get instant alerts for that. Same is the case with specific e-mail IDS and contact numbers.
You can even get instant alerts for SIM card changes too so that if your kids or employees try to change SIM card and outsmart you, you will know about it first. There is no way StealthGenie will let you down.
So instant alerts is an effective and swift way to stay in touch with people who mean to you. Being there in time for them is what makes you special to them!

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