Thursday, March 22, 2012

Invest in trustable cell phone parental control software to keep a close check on your child

I have seen many spoilt kids around who carry expensive smartphones and misuse this technology in a variety of ways. The sad part is that every year, millions of children face problems like cell phone bullying and their parents remain unaware of this. In today’s world, it is extremely important to keep a close check on your children’s cell phone activities. Instead of holding their cell phones and peeking into their contact lists and text messages, you can utilize the latest cell phone parental control software. One of the market leading cell phone parental control software apps that have revolutionized the meaning of cell phone spying is StealthGenie.

StealthGenie is equipped with the modern cell phone spying features, which help parents watch over their kids and curtail their activities when needed. Most children interact with their friends via SMS or mediums like Google Talk and BlackBerry Messenger. StealthGenie records all the SMS and chat content of your children and empowers you to view them at your ease. You do not have to grab their cell phone again and again to check who they interact with. All you need to do is sign in to your StealthGenie account and view each and every activity of your kid through the online interface.

The uniqueness of StealthGenie
Their call logs and SMS logs are uploaded on to your StealthGenie account and you can view these with details like date, time and duration. This can help you learn whether your child is spending too much time in socializing and if he/she is involved with the right type of company. You can listen to their recorded phone conversations and figure out their activities easily. The best part about using StealthGenie is that it doesn’t take up a lot of time to install it. You just have to enter the download URL in your child’s cell phone browser and follow a few simple steps like providing the activation code and you are done. After installing it once, you do not have to bother re-installing it ever again. Even if your child changes the SIM on their cell phone, StealthGenie will not stop monitoring. You will also receive SIM change notifications that can help you find out if your child is using multiple numbers.
Although StealthGenie has a number of sophisticated features but not all of them are available in every package. If you wish to avail all the hi-tech features of this application then it is best to get hold of the platinum package. The platinum package entails each and every feature that can make your monitoring easier and more meaningful from all perspectives.

So, invest in trustable and highly sophisticated cell phone parental control software and stay updated on your children’s activities around the clock.

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