Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Figure out why is your hubby cutest at day time and a cheater at night with StealthGenie

Has you man started cuddling you more than usual? Has he been caressing you more than ever before? He is doing errands to make you happy and tap you to sleep and leave your side when you are in deep sleep? Wait, what?
Yea, if he has suddenly turned too kind and yet leaving you on bed alone at night, every night, then there is certainly something fishy and he might be expecting a favor in return, the favor could be your understanding of him having another woman in his life, or he is up to galloping your bank account when you are totally absorbed in his honey coated words and tender touch. Beware woman, it’s an alarm, wake up and find out what is he up to at mid nights and whole damn nights? if he is talking on phone for late hours and making infinitely long calls with cheek disgustingly cheeky smile and later delete all the call history right after then the danger of infidelity is right at your door step, he is being faking whole day with the kisses and hugs. He does not want to lose you yet wants to cheat on you. He might have got bored over the monogamy and looking for a new sex partner. 

Researchers have shown that men are more inclined towards other women, no matter how gorgeous their own woman is. In some parts of the world flirting is considered healthy for a man, even if it is then it should be limited and should not fall into the category of infidelity. Heterosexual men get sexually aroused with the fair sex more often and lose their piousness in any moment of weakness.
Now is a delicate time, instead of breaking down and losing hope, it is the time to strengthen your belief over your relation and being a woman you are strong enough to conquer you man. He is yours and loves you inside but has forgotten for a while, so, furious decisions might end in destruction, nothing is lost yet, there is still a silver lining, all you have to do is to know how far he has gone into extra marital relation, for that you need StealthGenie cell phone Spy software, which you need to install on his Smartphone while he is asleep or taking bath or any where away from cell phone. Just download the provided URL on his cell phone and this spying application will become invisible agent to serve you the best. He will never figure out about additional software working at his phone’s backdrop.
Its magnanimous features will allow you to listen to any live call via ‘Live Call Interception’ and records all the call incoming and outgoing calls occurred previously. Similarly, with ‘Geo Location Tracking’ you are able to track his current location and even watch his live movements on the Google map provided on the secure online interface to ensure he is not dating with other woman. Similarly, to prevent your relation from fake adulation, you need to keep a check on his messenger chats; StealthGenie allows reading Google Talk and Blackberry messenger chats effectively. These features any many more, have distinguished StealthGenie from all other lie detectors and surveillance methods. It is ahead above others in providing accurate and absolute results adroitly with zero traceability and hence, saves your hard-earned love life and companionship.

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